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golden-age-Superman-comic-books Comic Book Characters - It’s Not a Bird, It’s the Golden Age Superman!

It’s definitely not a bird, nor a plane; it’s the man of steel, Superman. Who doesn’t know him? He’s the superhero everyone’s looking up to. He’s the man with the strongest conviction and the most incredible willingness to help people who are in need. With superpowers and extraordinary strength, Superman is really the most popular […]

iron-man-comic-books Comic Book Characters - Iron man-Not Just another Comic Book Super Hero!

There’s another comic book super hero that is worth all the attention and popularity he is getting. He is the iron man, who is really Tony Stark, a brilliant engineer who has created his supernatural powers in his armored suit. This is what differentiates him from the rest making him not just another comic book superhero.

golden-age-Batman-Comic-Books Comic Book Characters - Here Comes the Golden Age Batman!

Inspired by Superman’s success in 1938, Bob Kane used Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings about machines and Zorro’s costume and abilities to create one of the most well-loved characters of all time, Batman. The golden age Batman first graced the Detective Comics no.27 issue in May 1939. After that edition, Batman made its way to success, garnering massive reader sharing and reviews from critics.

golden-age-war-comic-books Comic Book Resources - The Golden Age War Titles

With World War II occurring in those times, writers and illustrators found an inspiration for comic book concepts. Most of the comic books were about the world war, while some others tackle superheroes fighting and stopping wars. These are called golden age war titles. Stories about war never failed to fascinate the public ever since it came out in publications.

cgc-comic-book-grading Comic Book Resources - What is CGC?

What is CGC? CGC or Comic Guarantee Company is a corporation that grades your comic books for you, with a cost. You can send it to the company or bring it to a conference where they would be present and they will inform you on what grade your comic book is classified as. Next, they […]

wonder-woman-comic-books Comic Book Characters - The Many Wonders of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the three super iconic heroes (the other two being Superman and Batman) whose origin dates back in the early 40’s where the world of comic books was opened to the public.  She is the super heroine that every female, girl and women alike, would be very proud of and would […]