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Most Popular X-Men

Wolverine, the Most Popular X-Men and Your Favorite Super Hero   Of all the mutants or X-men, undoubtedly Logan aka Wolverine is rated as the most popular.  This is not an easy feat as there are many other mutants or X-men that has similar if not equal powers as him.  As a super hero, he is considered… Read More »

The Many Wonders of Wonder Woman

The Many Wonders of Wonder Woman   Wonder Woman is one of the three super iconic heroes (the other two being Superman and Batman) whose origin dates back in the early 40’s where the world of comic books was opened to the public.  She is the super heroine that every female, girl and women alike, would… Read More »

What is CGC?

What is CGC? What is CGC? CGC or Comic Guarantee Company is a corporation that grades your comic books for you, with a cost. You can send it to the company or bring it to a conference where they would be present and they will inform you on what grade your comic book is classified as.… Read More »

Why the Collectors Love Golden Age Comics

Why the Collectors Love Golden Age Comics Superman, Hawkman, Batman, The Human Torch, Captain Marvel, Captain America and Green Lantern, name it, collectors may already have it! Collecting comic books are more than just a hobby for those readers who treasure fascinating stories from comic books. Comic books, especially from the Golden Age, offer wonderful… Read More »