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Comic Book Characters

Fly High with Superman

Fly High with Superman No comic book is ever complete without the man of steel.  Superman is a legendary comic book character who has conquered the heart of the nation.  He is the symbol of strength and hope.  In a nation recovering from economic turmoil, any ordinary man can turn into his own super hero by reading… Read More »

What Makes Batman a Hit?

What Makes Batman a Hit? Perhaps, the universal appeal of Batman as a comic super hero lies in the fact that he has no really supernatural powers. This is what makes his mysterious, and the mystery is what keeps people hooked to his saga. Most people wish to be like his millionaire alter-ego Bruce Wayne,… Read More »

Experience the Incredible Power of the Fantastic Four

Experience the Incredible Power of the Fantastic Four Thank heavens there is the comic book world.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to experience the incredible power of the fantastic four– the superheroes that are superheroes all the time.  Unlike other superheroes, they do not have alter-egos or secret identity. All they have is their supernatural powers… Read More »

Iron man-Not Just another Comic Book Super Hero!

Iron man-Not Just another Comic Book Super Hero! There’s another comic book super hero that is worth all the attention and popularity he is getting.  He is the iron man, who is really Tony Stark, a brilliant engineer who has created his supernatural powers in his armored suit.  This is what differentiates him from the rest… Read More »

Most Popular X-Men

Wolverine, the Most Popular X-Men and Your Favorite Super Hero   Of all the mutants or X-men, undoubtedly Logan aka Wolverine is rated as the most popular.  This is not an easy feat as there are many other mutants or X-men that has similar if not equal powers as him.  As a super hero, he is considered… Read More »

The Many Wonders of Wonder Woman

The Many Wonders of Wonder Woman   Wonder Woman is one of the three super iconic heroes (the other two being Superman and Batman) whose origin dates back in the early 40’s where the world of comic books was opened to the public.  She is the super heroine that every female, girl and women alike, would… Read More »