Experience the Incredible Power of the Fantastic Four

By | October 1, 2017

Experience the Incredible Power of the Fantastic Four

Thank heavens there is the comic book world.  Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to experience the incredible power of the fantastic four– the superheroes that are superheroes all the time.  Unlike other superheroes, they do not have alter-egos or secret identity. All they have is their supernatural powers that captivate the admiration of their huge fan base.

This successful comic book series is also an animated series on television.  Although they may not have risen to phenomenal fame such as Superman and Spidey do, they remain to be a force to reckon with in the world of comic books.  It is notable that their origin is a product of the coming together of the two biggest comic publishers.  Henceforth, the super teams – Justice League and Fantastic Four came about.

This comic book super team is made of four super heroes whose respective powers originated from their space mission. Heading the team of four super heroes is Reed Richards who is a scientist by profession conducting a research on cosmic rays.  He sets out to travel to space enlisting the help of his friend, Ben Grimm.  Reed’s former girlfriend and a scientist like him agreed to go with him and she also tagged along her brother Johnny storm to space.

In the course of their space journey, an explosion occurred that bestowed upon them their supernatural powers.  Reed can move his body as elastic as a rubber band, assumed the name Mr. Fantastic and was appointed as the head of the team.

Grimm transformed into a walking pebble to which the popular “it’s clobbering time” is credited every time he throws punches to their opponent.  Storm has the power of invisibility and the power to shield everyone for protection.  Johnny acquired the power of fire and can become a human torch and ignite flames as the need arises.

You can catch more of the funny and exciting adventures of the Fantastic Four displaying their supernatural abilities in comic books available online.  You’ll not only be amazed but will also enjoy a good laugh or two.