Fly High with Superman

By | October 1, 2017

Fly High with Superman

No comic book is ever complete without the man of steel.  Superman is a legendary comic book character who has conquered the heart of the nation.  He is the symbol of strength and hope.  In a nation recovering from economic turmoil, any ordinary man can turn into his own super hero by reading the saga of the man of steel.

The chronicles of the man of steel from Krypton is widely and avidly followed- from the comic book where he originated to radios, television, films, strips, and video games.  He has become the cultural icon of this nation, and established his supremacy among the superheroes.  He is not only the man of steel but the super iconic figure that everyone wants to fly high with.

Everyone can easily relate to the super iconic super hero of all times.  The man of steel is also seen as human as everyone else only with super powers.  From the young and the old, the poor and the rich, male or female either wants to be like him or fly up high in the sky like a bird, like a plane, with Superman, or be like Louis Lane the woman he fell for him and who fell in love with as Clark Kent.

Perhaps, what makes him distinct is that beyond his super power and unusual abilities is a Clark Kent that exemplifies what every citizen of this nation does- earning decently for a living, and hopes-to ensure that his nation is safe from the evils creeping around.  Every comic book follower feels gratified for the lessons learned from their all time super hero flying high in the sky.

To date, Superman remains to be on top of all the super heroes with practically all the powers bestowed upon him. He continues to evolve as a modern day hero and it would probably take a long, long time to unseat the endearing boy from Krypton to Smallville who has grown to be the man of steel.