Iron man-Not Just another Comic Book Super Hero!

By | October 1, 2017

Iron man-Not Just another Comic Book Super Hero!

There’s another comic book super hero that is worth all the attention and popularity he is getting.  He is the iron man, who is really Tony Stark, a brilliant engineer who has created his supernatural powers in his armored suit.  This is what differentiates him from the rest making him not just another comic book superhero.

The powers of this super hero emanates from the armored suit that he has created.  The only limit to his supernatural abilities when wearing the suit is his imagination.  He can practically do anything he imagines.  He possesses all the super powers his mind can conceive.

What is so great about the powers of the iron man is it evolves as he faces new and different challenges.  His armored suit, the seat of his power, is constantly customized to meet the challenges he faces.  You will be able to marvel at the different specialized designs of his suit and be astounded with the powers he can do with it.

It is also interesting and unusual that Tony Stark the billionaire manufacturer of armaments will create the ultimate weapon to save the world from the weapons that his very own company built.  This is perhaps the comic book series has earned its popularity and crossed over to film that has turned out to be a huge success both commercially and artistically.

What is also fascinating about this comic book movie world super hero is the fact that he is very human like any ordinary person is.  If not for his armored suit, he would be just like everyone else with no power at all.  He is also fighting a heavy battle with his alcoholism.

Perhaps, the greatest power of Iron man rests not on his armored suit and gadgets but it is in his genius and resolute will to overcome his weaknesses combined. Be sure to check out our Iron Man Comic Books.