It’s Not a Bird, It’s the Golden Age Superman!

By | September 30, 2017

It’s Not a Bird, It’s the Golden Age Superman!

It’s definitely not a bird, nor a plane; it’s the man of steel, Superman. Who doesn’t know him? He’s the superhero everyone’s looking up to. He’s the man with the strongest conviction and the most incredible willingness to help people who are in need. With superpowers and extraordinary strength, Superman is really the most popular hero of all time!

Superman has come a long way from the golden age Superman comic book we’ve known before. His story also evolved in many aspects too. Starting from simple but extraordinary abilities such as flying and his super strength, modern writers reinforced and upgraded Superman’s powers to the more complicated ones. Nowadays he can blow up vehicles using his breath, freeze objects and even survive in an area without air. The newly-improved Superman also has X-ray vision, which makes him quite an omnipotent superhero.

Before these added bits of power to this famous character, there was the golden age Superman, the comics that started it all. This Superman can’t do everything, but still, he captured the interest of the readers up to now. The first appearance made by this superhero was in the Action Comics No.1, where it pioneered the superhero comics industry. Many publishing companies attempted to create a superhero following Superman’s success, but no one can beat the charm the man of steel has.

Jerry Siegel, co-creator of the golden age Superman, first conceived this idea in 1933, developing the story ever since. Influenced by the Gladiator, Siegel thought of a man who has superpowers that he’ll use to save the world. Also, the golden age Superman is bulletproof.

After the story was done and the comic strips finished, Siegel, with his co-creator Joe Shuster tried to sell it to various newspapers and magazines. Many of those publications turned them down. It was 1938 when Superman strips caught DC’s Harry Donenfield’s attention. In June 1938, the first Superman comic book was published.

Action Comics, the title for Superman’s original version, depicts the story of Clark Kent, a boy from planet Kryptonite transported to the planet Earth. He grows up and starts to discover his mysterious abilities. He will then become Superman, the superhero that will always save the day. Without his costume, he’s just Clark Kent, an ordinary journalist, who has secret feelings for Lois Lane, his love interest. Some of Superman’s most famous villains are Lex Luthor, Doomsday and Braniac.