Most Popular X-Men

By | October 1, 2017

Wolverine, the Most Popular X-Men and Your Favorite Super Hero


Of all the mutants or X-men, undoubtedly Logan aka Wolverine is rated as the most popular.  This is not an easy feat as there are many other mutants or X-men that has similar if not equal powers as him.  As a super hero, he is considered to be one of the most favorite.  Fact is, his popularity is so tremendous that only Spidey can rank above him.

From the comic books to the series of films especially, his character is pretty much the focus.  His character has become a phenomenon that has made a big star out of Hugh Jackman.  Considering there are other X-men characters, how does Wolverine earned such a phenomenal status?   This is one question that is as interesting to answer as the character itself.

The most distinct power of Logan as a mutant is his ability to heal himself no matter how severe the damage is.  In fact, his accelerated healing is directly proportional to the damage or injury inflicted upon him.  What distinct him apart from the other X-men is his killer instinct that everyone loves about his character.  In the ordinary world, this can be translated to passion and determination to succeed.

With mutant genes, he displays powers normally attributed to animals.  He has sharp claws that readily emerge from his knuckles as weapon when in combat.  This can send shivers but you know that he uses his claws only when necessary to fight with the forces of evil.  He can also easily detect enemies just by their smell. His senses are so keen that goes beyond the realm of the supernatural.

In combat, he is relentless.  Almost immortal with his powers and known for his do or die instinct, Wolverine has earned the respect of everyone including their opponents who regard him highly as the most dangerous X-men.  This is probably what makes him the most admired X-men and favorite super hero of all times.