The Golden Age Comic Book Writers

By | September 30, 2017

The Golden Age Comic Book Writers

Neither Superman nor Batman would have ever existed without them. In fact, no comic book will ever be present if it had not been for them. They are the Golden Age comic book writers, the ones responsible for creating unforgettable comic books that changed literature forever.

Writing comic books is a very difficult task. Aside from producing a unique idea, a writer must also know the target market of his comic books, and satisfy his readers. For this, golden age comic book writers should be gratified and honored.

The golden era of comic books paved the way for both professional and amateur writers to create ideas for publication. Many golden age comic book writers gained as mush popularity as their work. Some of the well-known golden age comic book writers are:

Stan Lee

Stan Lee was the writer of numerous comic books which circulated in around 1940’s. He also co-wrote some famous comic books such as Spider Man and X Men. Aside from being a writer, Lee is also an editor and director.

Charles Nicholas

The pen name Charles Nicholas was actually composed of three writers, namely Chuck Cuidera, Jack Kirby and Charles Wojtkosky. The trio, under one pen name created the Fox Feature Syndicate and Fox Comics published in the 1940’s. Of the three, Charles Wojtkosky was the only writer while the two are illustrators. Wojtkosky was the writer of the character Blue Beetle which was still reproduced even in the 1990’s. That’s quite an evidence of its popularity.

Bill Everett and Carl Burgos

In the fall of 1939, Bill Everett and Carl Burgos collaborated to produce the Marvel Comics publication Prince Namor and the Human Torch.

Charles Moulton

Charles Moulton was the pen name of Dr. William Moulton Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman, the most popular female superhero was created by Moulton in the year 1941. Its first appearance was in All Star Comics No.8.