The Many Wonders of Wonder Woman

By | September 30, 2017

The Many Wonders of Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman is one of the three super iconic heroes (the other two being Superman and Batman) whose origin dates back in the early 40’s where the world of comic books was opened to the public.  She is the super heroine that every female, girl and women alike, would be very proud of and would want to emulate.  There are just too many wonders that make her land at the top ten super heroes of all times.

To many avid comic book followers, she is regarded as the female counterpart of Superman.  But she proves to be capable of enjoying her own identity apart from being the female version of Superman.  She is an Amazon by origin, created upon the wish granted to the queen of Amazons by the Greek gods.  Her mission is to protect the earth from evil forces.

She is not only part of the triumvirate of the comic book world but also one of the founding members of the Justice League of America.  At presents, she remains to enjoy the feminist iconic title as the sexiest and celebrated female super heroine.  She also ranks the first among super heroines in the stack of comic book super heroes.

The wonders of Wonder Woman have extended beyond comic books.  Just like Superman and Batman, she went to conquer film and television.  Its television series ran for about five (5) years from 1975 to 1979, and its animated film was recently shown in 2009.  Decade to decades, this super heroine has maintained her niche.

Through the years her character has continued to evolve from being her mythological origins to the more contemporary role of being an ambassadress of peace to the outside world.  But throughout the evolution, her popularity as a super hero has remained intact if not has soared high that merit for her the top seat among female heroes.  That’s the wonders of Wonder Woman.