The Rage that is Incredible Hulk

By | October 1, 2017

The Rage that is Incredible Hulk


People who is having a hard time releasing their anger has found a way to do so, albeit vicariously. This is perhaps why another unlikely character has dominated the world of comic books. Incredible Hulk or also known as The Hulk has captured the attention of a lot of comic fans all over the world who has found the Hulk an outlet to release their rage.

The popularity of the Hulk is not only limited to his comic book character. He has hit films to his credit and another one soon to come. His enterprise is also growing with video games, toys, cartoon strips Incredible-Hulk-181among others. Who can also ever forget the greening of the usually reserved Dr. Bruce Banner as he turns from physicist to the Incredible Hulk when in rage?

When in his character as the Hulk, Dr. Bruce Banner exhibits super strength equivalent to the amount of rage he feels. But it is not only this emotion that triggers his transformation but also grief and terror. His emotions are not without valid reasons, and battles the evil forces with all his might.

He is not only known for his unusual strength but also his endurance to pain, speed for his size, and self-healing.

The Hulk was most popular in the eighties (80’s) when he was able to earn a cult-like following. He has enjoyed this status for quite a long time and has made a very popular star out of Lou Ferrigno who would play him when he turns green.

Originally in gray, the Hulk is most identified with the color green for the longest time now.

Based from the recent resurgence of its popularity in the comic world, the Incredible Hulk is set to win the attention of its cult-like followers in the eighties.

The huge success of the film shown in 2008 signals the start of the Hulk’s rage to success.