The Sting of Spider Man

By | October 1, 2017

Have You Experienced the Sting of Spider Man?


He may not be as powerful as Superman, or as witty as Batman, but what he lacks in power and ability, he more than made up with his big heart.  Who hasn’t been bitten by the sting of love of this wall crawling super hero?  Arguably the most popular contemporary super hero, Peter Parker aka Spider Man represents the modern day super hero.

He originated in the early 60’s in the comic book world as an ordinary orphan teen age high school boy, raised by his aunt and uncle, and who is battling with his felling of lack of self-worth.  Every teenager would easily relate to Peter Parker and any adult would readily sympathize with him and would want to lend him a helping hand.

Unlike majority of the super heroes, Peter Parker has to learn to use his super abilities by himself.  His character has evolved from being a shy high school teen age boy to a friendly college student to a freelance photographer.  He has also earned the moniker “Spidey” renowned for his wall crawling abilities akin to a spider.

Originally second thought by its creator, Spider Man has grown to be one of the most popular and well loved comic book characters.  He has the most human character among all the super heroes that anybody from all ages can readily empathize with.  You can always find a “Spidey” in any individual.  That is how universal his appeal is.

His character became a phenomenon that saved an almost dying publication and earned huge commercial success in the world of movies.  He has appeared in practically all media and captured the heart of the public.  His enterprise is perhaps the most successful and profitable, as any item on Spidey is considered to be a best seller.

To Spider Man is also attributed the greatest and most popular contemporary super hero quote ever, “with great power come great responsibility”.  There are only a few superheroes that could hold as much attention and popularity for many decades, and one of them is definitely Spidey.