What Makes Batman a Hit?

By | October 1, 2017

What Makes Batman a Hit?

Perhaps, the universal appeal of Batman as a comic super hero lies in the fact that he has no really supernatural powers. This is what makes his mysterious, and the mystery is what keeps people hooked to his saga.

Most people wish to be like his millionaire alter-ego Bruce Wayne, and want to have his extra ordinary human power that is his intellect. His climb to comic super stardom is also one to be admired. Remember batman’s first introduction in the comic world is humble.

Unlike superman, he was not featured solo as he shared the spotlight with other superheroes in the comic world. He rose to fame through his uniqueness as the only super hero with no super natural powers but his super mind.

His power emanates from his desire to seek justice not so much for his own parents whose murder he batman-comic-bookhas witnessed, but for every individual who needs such. His powers are very human – his genius mind, detective skills, sophisticated equipment, physical prowess- all of which are easily achievable by any ordinary person with proper training, resources, and skills.

Batman is brawn and brains combined. But unlike most humans, he uses his abilities to protect people from the claws of evil. A lot of comic book followers can easily relate to him as he is more human. In fact, he is shown to continuously battle against his personal evils such as seeking revenge and anger to prevent them from getting the better out of him.

This is what makes Batman a hit not only to the world of comics where he was first introduced but he has also conquered the world of film and television where he continues to attract a huge following who has given this super hero multiple hit series and various comic titles to his credit.