Why the Collectors Love Golden Age Comics

By | September 30, 2017

Why the Collectors Love Golden Age Comics

Superman, Hawkman, Batman, The Human Torch, Captain Marvel, Captain America and Green Lantern, name it, collectors may already have it! Collecting comic books are more than just a hobby for those readers who treasure fascinating stories from comic books. Comic books, especially from the Golden Age, offer wonderful stories and exciting adventures to its readers.

The Golden Age of comic books, characterized mostly with superhero themes, provides an extensive array of comic books for collectors to choose from. That’s why most people love comic books from this era. Read this article further to know why the collectors love golden age comics.

It’s an investment! 

One reason why the collectors love golden age comics is its universality, which means that it’s market does not only focus on children but adult people as well.

This makes golden age comics popular forever. Who doesn’t like superhero stories? A person can collect Superman comics today and find out many years later that it is still up to date. Also, collectors may trade their comic books with each other, this way, their collections will add up, and eventually mount.

In addition, everything in comic book collecting is an investment. From the book collection itself to the attachment the collector creates with the characters, everything is very rewarding.

It’s a recreation! Enjoyment, that’s the reason most people prefer golden age comics than the other periods. Reading comic books especially if they’re as exciting as Batman, is really an entertaining hobby for everyone. Golden Age comics feature a lot of interesting stories from scary and dreadful villains to the incredible superheroes that would save the day.

Why the collectors love golden age comic books? 

For most of them, it is a way of expression, a way of promoting moral values that would someday change the way people and the society as a whole, behave. By collecting golden age comic books, collectors are able to support the heroism and values depicted by those famous characters. They look up to these superheroes as their moral icons. That’s why many people, especially children, consider superheroes as their idols.